Business Model

"Choose the best Business Model for your IT Project"

Pay per Hour Business Model

Benefits :

Cost effective for short-term projects or services you required.

Access to dedicated expert resources of technologies you choose

Need not to worry about number of resources

No time restrictions


How does it Works:

Defines your requirements

we will give you time duration to fulfill your requirements

we together decide hourly rate for your work

we assign special expert team to get your work done

finally , we handover your work.

Pay per Month Business Model

Benefits :

Very much cost effective for bunch of little heavy work.

Affordable payment for any kind of your work

We care for your resources

no long contracts

minimal complications

How does it Works:

Give us your requirements/Services that you want to get done on daily/weekly/monthy basis

We will manage to distribute task among our technical experts

we handover task when it is done

Payment after month completion

Pay per Quote Business Model

Benefits :

Cost effective for different service you required from us.

When you need your work in limited time

Access to multiple services

Handshake process

How does it Works:

Describe your services requirements

We will give the best quote/rate for the services you required.

Start providing services immediately

Handover when we fulfill your services requirements